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My friend HDLyssie has commissions open at the moment.
DM her to get started and show her some support.
So I made a decision about my Iconoclast comic. To avoid spoiling it I will not be posting any of the pages on here until I decide it is time to.
Specifically what time? Who knows.

Apologies for the inconvenience but I do hope you understand my decision.

If anything, concept art or other smaller drawings of course will be posted on my profile as always.
Thank you for taking the time to read this little announcement.
Commissions are now open for me.

Let me state some things that were not included to the chart.

-Paypal only.
-Pay first then i'll get started.
-If you are skeptical of me you can pay once I post a W.I.P of your commission.

-Everything else should be on the chart. Thank you for commissioning me!
If you require more info or wish to be specific about your OC, feel free to DM me so we can get started.
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PaladinToasty's Profile Picture
Paladis Toasticus IV
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
'Ello there!

Welcome to my DA page, I'm Paladis Toasticus or Paladin Toasty.
Here is a little rundown of myself and what I doodle.

I enjoy making traditional art, usually with graphite but i'm starting to go off with marker and coloring now, but I would also like to do some digital in the future if I can. I draw mainly medieval stuff, but is now doodling modern to futuristic stuff.
I enjoy fantasy a lot because I can spread my imagination to a large valley of things and ideas. If you look at my later artworks you can see I am into knights and samooari (I know its spelt 'samurai' calm down.)

I do listen to music, from things like Johnny cash or Dean Martin to Heavy Metal or Djent (I love the heavy shite) I also listen to Dubstep, Vaporwave, Synthwave, and Retro Wave. I do enjoy New Retro Wave as well. Hell, as long as it has a nice rhythm or beat to it i'll usually enjoy it.

If you wondered (or even cared) I play video games as well. I play on the PS4. I have Dark Souls III, 7 Days To Die, CoD: Black Ops III, Overwatch, Fallout 4, Bloodborne, Cod: Infinite Warfare (for the bombs mostly), Skyrim, and one of my favorites, Killing Floor 2.

I do request currently if you wondered. Just private message me and we'll sort things out from there of what you want me to doodle for you. (I will not do anything particularly too sexual ya' know like intercourse or fetish art.) So again, if you'd like somethin' go ahead an private message me.

Well, that seems about it of what I have to say on my updated bio. I really hope you enjoyed looking through my gallery. And if you favorited anything of mine I appreciate it and if you Watch me, I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to view my stuff and deem it worthy of your time. Thank you kindly! And have nice day.

-Paladis Toasticus


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My job is (not) complete.
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Thanks again though.
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